Thursday, August 16, 2007

Junior is complete!

And here he is! Today I finally got round to visiting a bike shop that was actually open, to get the necessary bits to finish assembling Junior. Looking good, eh? The build is mostly what I was running on my old Specialized: Marzocchi Z150 forks, old (but effective) Hope 4-pots and full XT gearing, with the exception of the cranks, which are old Deores and will be the first target for an upgrade, though probably not until next year now.

A quick spin down to the beach confirmed that all was working but the first real opportunity to put him through his paces will be this weekend. The plan is to have a day at Vallnord, which is about a 3hr drive away, come back home for a few beers and then head out a little later on Sunday to La Molina, which is a the closest ski resort to Barcelona (only takes 90 minutes to get there), and which conveniently also has a bike park - only one lift and three proper trails, but apparently they are all very good. And it's reachable for an afternoon's riding from here, so I can't complain!

In other news the sun is shining after some refreshing rain this morning, and there was even a lovely little clean wave being enjoyed by about 10-15 surfers this evening down at my nearest beach. Djanira is back in London and has had great time in Madagascar, and is arriving back here in Barcelona on Monday. I'd better start cleaning the flat soon!

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raparson said...

Hey its Robert from Colorado! That bike is so beautiful Great choice! For my DH bike I went with a Iron Horse yakuza Kumicho I love it and after a few minor upgrades is has been almost bomb proof. As my DH riding technique has improved parts started breaking less frequently, funny how that works. You need to make a trip out to Colorado one summer. We have over 8 different lift access resorts in the summer and hundreds of mountain’s that we shuttle by car or motorcycle also. On biking news I am going to whistler BC this upcoming July for Crankworx we are renting a large RV and driving from Colorado to whistler I plan on racing the DH and one of friends will enter the slope style.

In that one I completely bent my chain rings after that I got a heavy duty E-13 bash guard!