Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last riding of the season

On Saturday morning, PJ and I headed up to Andorra for one final weekend of riding this year. In actual fact the lifts are open for the next few weekends but this was the last opportunity that we have, now things like weddings take priority! Also, in July we had bought a "5 days for the price of 4" lift pass deal, which still had two days needing using up, so a perfect excuse - or at least it would have been, had PJ not forgotten to bring his tickets...!

Anyway the trails were in perfect nick, there was a very light periodic drizzle which kept the dirt moist and really grippy. Above is a moody shot, taken by PJ, (bigger) of me dropping in on a section of the MaxiAvalanche trail, which is several kilometers long and takes in a 500m drop in altitude. It was all great fun but now it's time to pack the bikes away and get the skis/boards out - there was already snow higher up the valley! I'll leave you with a couple more shots, one of PJ motoring downhill and one of a tired Alun setting the world to right in the gondola!

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